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Round up the (un)usual suspects

15 July 2007

 (slightly updated 15-July… I made a stupid translation error — taking “junque” for “yoke” instead of “anvil”.  It surprised me to discover that this shadowy Francoist organization was written about in today’s Dallas Morning News, so I added a link to my discussion of this particular suspect)

I’ve had my doubts about who bombed the oil ducts in Guanajuanto. It’s obvious that the Calderón Administration is the beneficiary, and there are too many good reasons to doubt the ERP was behind this (Citius64 comes up with one I hadn’t thought of: besides being too small and never having been a significant guerrilla organziation, the ERP communiques talk about socialism — bombing the one major socialist state enterprise makes absolutely no logical sense).

The “official story” and the communiques are too suspicious NOT to ask” cui bono?”. Basically, PAN’s knee-jerk association of all leftists with AMLO and the FAP hasn’t sold. ERP, if they are still functional, wouldn’t have used a phrase like “illegitimate presidency” since they think the state is illegitimate. And that’s gotten people thinking…

Some of the latest suspects:

With the information that gangster Zenli Ye Gon was an informant for the United States, and his stories about stashing cash for PAN and PRI aren’t that far-fetched. This is becoming a HUGE embarrassment for Calderón administration, and is a potential one for the U.S. U.S. intelligence agencies can never be ruled out.

Right-wing paramilitaries? There aren’t any left-wing ones in Mexico, and conditions in Mexico just don’t favor leftist guerrilla actions. Paras have staged these types of attacks on government installations in the Philipines and Colombia to justify military attacks on their enemies.

Foreign business interests, or people within PEMEX itself? Why not? The Fox Administration seems to have wanted PEMEX mismanged so that there was a rationale to privatize it. That didn’t work, so why some structural damage that doesn’t really lower the sales price?

Religious right-wingers? El Junque (from the Spanish Falangist’s “Yoke and Arrows”, symbolizing the Royalist and Catholic wing of the party) is blamed for everything that the CIA and foreign business interests aren’t. But they are real, and what had only been whispered about in Mexico before (or confined to the left-wing press) is openly discussed.  El Yunque — a Francoist  group going back to the 1950s — has the money and power to pull off attacks, and is active in the states where the explosions occurred, which the ERP is not.

And my favorite… DICK MORRIS! Yup, the former Clinton advisor turned Fox News analyst and sometime PAN advisor. Marcelio Ebrard has floated this one, which nicely ties China-gate and the explosion together. I said earlier there was no Mexican Dick Cheney, but there is a Mexican Dick Morris… Dick himself. He was up to his eyeballs in the anti-AMLO campaign — feeding misinformation to the press (Morris was the one who pushed the AMLO=Hugo Chavez spin so popular with U.S. talking heads) and this is right up his alley.


Please, please, please let it be true 🙂

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