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God, I hate bus tours!

18 July 2007

Note to everyone: I really do have to ask for support. Thanks to Jonathan, David, Adrian, Thoma, Brett and Tim, I almost have enough to pay the electric bill (which has to be done by tomorrow), but still need to get the rent caught up and look at the long term needs. Yeah, this is serious.

Note to Speed and the Doctor. These are not Canadians! (My translation from Notimex, via Milenio)

Pachuca.- 45 passengers on a tourist bus were detained and threated with lynching after several of them robbed and beat a store owner in a community in Valle del Mezquital,

Preliminary reports say that the bus, which had some window broken had stopped in Yolotepec, Santiago de Anaya, so the passengers could make purchases at the tienda.

However, several youths under the influence of alcohol began to loot “la Lupita” grocery store, and attacked the owner, 37-year old Gilberto Moreno Nabor, according to his police report.

What started as an physical and verbal attack on the store owner by the tourists from the Federal District escaled when Moreno called for help. Locals immediately blocked the Mexico-Laredo highway with rocks, and stoned the tour bus.

Later, the neighbors pulled the driver, Sergio Márquez García, out of the bus, beat him and demanded the 45 passengers get off the bus.

Among them were 15 minors who were taken to the community center and held for eight hours.

Because of the risk that the population might take justice into their own hands, the center was surrounded by local Public Security police. The people demanded 50,000 pesos in compensation for the damages committed by the youths.

Following negotions with the State of Hidalgo Secretaria de Gobierno officials, Yolotepec residents agreed to liberate the tourists, after paying 18,000 pesos to Señor Gilberto Moreno

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