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19 July 2007

The only “community” that the Mex Files can turn for to support is its own regulars (though outside assistance is welcome).

The Mex Files doesn’t measure daily hits in the tens of thousands, or even thousands… about 800 to a thousand a day. In the “About” section, I said this started as a casual thing, but over the last year, I’ve found about 500 of you who use this site regularly for one reason or another.

I don’t want to sell you short, but I have to eat and pay my bills. This is a very rural area, and even with a second job, I’m not meeting even my minimal expenses month to month.

The last two months were worse — I was helping a mentally and physically challenged person who would “forget” her purse when I’d take her shopping. Told she had a trustee for her bank account, I didn’t worry too much when she wrote me bad checks to cover my expenses, but — still being legally competent — she’d apparently wiped out her account. Her competency being questionable, I don’t have any illusions of the loss (and the bad check fees I’ve rung up as a result) being reimbursed any more than the few hundred dollars her out-of-state relation was kind enough to pay.

Right now I bring in a little money freelancing for local newspapers and am taking a second (or third) job on top of trying to get a commercial area news site going and keeping the Mex Files going. On the Mex Files, I invest about 50 hours a week, but will have to cut back some.

Thanks José’s contribution last night, and Jonathan, David, Adrian, Thomas, Brett and Tim, I was able to keep the electricity turned on. I still own money on the electric bill, and have to deal with the overdue phone bill ($150), the rent ($280) and the overdrafts (down to about $200). And those are only the unexpected expenses. I live (almost) like a monk, on about $1000 a month.

$12,000 + the $630 in immediate expenses divided by 400 regulars is a tad over $30 each. I feel obligated to my readers, and hope to “draw in” more… but can’t do it when the phone is shut off and the cupboards are bare, or I’m working two jobs to support my REAL one…

You can click the “paypal” button if you have a credit card and are donating with U.S. dollars. Or you can write me (“richmx2-AT-excite-DOT-com” with MEX FILES in the subject line) for a mailing address and check information.

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  1. 19 July 2007 7:03 pm

    Sheesh, Rich
    Ya’ tuggin on the old heartstrings, so I raided the kid’s milk money for another 20 bux.

    If you’re living like a monk on US$1000 a month in el otro lado, why not move south and live like a prince on the same amount 🙂

  2. 19 July 2007 8:07 pm

    Good idea… as soon as I can come up with a way to bring in the scratch … legally.

  3. el_longhorn permalink
    19 July 2007 9:04 pm

    Mexico’s not a good place to be a journalist right now, anyway. Although if you just stay away from stories on the drug trade, I bet you would be OK.

    I hear that West Texas gets into your blood, though. Once you get used to the wide open spaces, you just can’t leave.

  4. Allen Manana permalink
    1 January 2018 10:42 am

    Skip the gringo B.S.

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