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Photos of the week

20 July 2007

Free #$%^!!ing Speech?

New traffic laws take effect this week in the Federal District, which among other things, mandate a 20 times the salario minimo (after the 1990s inflation, fines and fees are often set based on multiples of the daily minimum wage, to avoid having to revise the civil code every time the currency changes) for swearing at the traffic police.

Ahi es un problema, as the master of Mexican swearing would have said. There’s no mention of who brings charges. You gonna take some pinche cabron of a tamarindo’s word over mine? ¡Chinga su madre, güey!

On the other hand, maybe some old traditions deserve to die:


El Universal photo by Adrián Hernández. No word on whether or not the officer actually wore the button

He’s #1… and #1

You gotta admire Manuel Uribe. He should be suffering, unhappy and a freak. But, Manuel is no gringo. He celebrated his weight loss with a parade through Monterrey, and has earned TWO cititations in the Guinness Book of World Records — the biggest weight loss by a human being (200 Kg) and the heaviest human.

What’s amazing about Manuel is that he’s a relatively healthy guy (why he doesn’t have high blood pressure or diabetes at his weight is a medical mystery) with a positive self-image. For you chubby-chasers, sorry… he’s got a girlfriend, though he’s willing to show (a little more than) some skin.

Photo: APF

Lou Dobbs cloned… by Mexicans

What’s worse than Lou Dobbs? How about a bunch of Lou Dobbses. Nah, it wasn’t that bad:

Wearing Lou Dobbs masks and chanting ‘Facts NOT Fear’, 130 members of Voces de la Frontera gathered outside Milwaukee’s Federal Courthouse yesterday for a lunchtime rally asking: “Do you have to look like Lou Dobbs to have a voice in the immigration debate?”

The action, which was widely featured by local and national media, also led to an approach for Voces’ Christine Neumann-Ortiz to appear on Dobbs’ show. Appearing live last night, she was able to firmly challenge his framing of the issue.


Photo: CNN

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  2. 18 May 2008 5:51 pm

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