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Out for a spin

22 July 2007

Silvia Chavez, Javier Salinas and Israel Davila of Jornada checked up on the new traffic code enforcement. This is a classic Jornada piece – absolutely true, absolutely accurate and absolutely designed to make PRI and PAN politicans look like dicks. It’s subtle, but the last two paragraphs are brilliant. Without spelling it out, what Jornada is telling us is that the State Police are going after poor and indigenous drivers (who just happen to live in PRD-controlled municipios) and letting the suburbanites slide by…

Think maybe suburbanites can afford better bribes?

(My translation)


Application of new traffic laws in the 59 municipios throughout the Valle de México has been arbitrary. In several places dozens drivers were cited for infractions, while in other places, officers only gave verbal warnings after they ran out of tickets.


In PRD-administered Ecatepec, the new regulations were enforced with fines. Local police director Gildardo Pérez Gabino said that the city installed 10 portable terminals on main streets where traffic fines could be paid immediately.

Dozens of drivers were cited: several for talking on cell phones, and others for not having plates or not wearing seatbelts. The usual excuse from the drivers was that they didn’t know the new rules.

In the western suburbs, drivers were verbally admonished because the officers didn’t have tickets. Several local governments decided to postpone issuing fines for another month.

Tommorow, State Security Agency ( Agencia de Seguridad Estatal, ASE) director Héctor Jiménez Baca will be going to the municipios, including Naucalpan, to explain correct application of the regulations. Jiménez said that 750 local traffic police has issued 5000 tickets so far, and his officers are also citing motorists.

Tultitláan transit director Martín Roque said he couldn’t write tickets until he had the official forms. He said the new regulations won’t take effect until 18 September. In Naucalpan, officials are saying sometime in August. In Huxquilucan, 20 August.

In at least six northeast municipios, ASE officers did not issue tickets, but they did issue warnings, and tell drivers to read the new laws and respect the regulations.

State police said that 25 transit officers were dispatched to downtown Texcoco, and to San Salvador San Salvador Atenco, Chiautla, Tezoyuca, Chiconcuac, Tepetlaoxtoc and Papalotla.

State Governor, Enrique Peña Nieto, said a system will be worked out to verify that transit police don’t abuse the new regulations.

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