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(Woe) Begone Ye Gon

22 July 2007

I know regulars hate seeing this — and I hate writing these “reminders” — but I still need to raise a couple of hundred dollars by the end of the month in immediate expenses to keep Mex Files going.

To keep the Mex Files operational for the next year requires about $1000 a month (that doesn’t pay any kind of “salary” but keeps the lights and phone turned on, and pays some basic day-to-day expenses). For 400 “subscribers” at $30 a year, that’s a little over 8¢ per day. No paper in the world can match that deal.

For those who prefer to underwrite, donate or make grants some way other than via pay-pal, I can be reached by writing to “richmx2 -AT- excite -DOT- com. Please put “Mex Files” in the subject line.

This is a complicated case – Ye Gon claims he was just a bagman for the Calderón campaign, which is within the realm of possibility, but the Calderón administration says is bullshit. And, given that they do want to extradite the high profile figure, it makes Ye Gon’s story less plausible. Still, given that the Mexicans transferred the loot taken from Ye Gon’s house (205 million dollars in U.S. currency) to an American bank, and that the U.S. DEA is claiming they get a cut, and that Ye Gon is walking around free in New York, SOMETHING is going on.

WASHINGTON (AP) — Mexico said on Wednesday it will investigate whether its federal agents protected a Chinese-Mexican businessman tied to the largest seizure of drug cash in world history, while the businessman’s lawyers told a Washington news conference they fear for their client’s life if he is returned to Mexico.

Zhenli Ye Gon and his lawyers said about $150 million of the more than $205 million found hidden at Ye Gon’s Mexico City mansion in March was actually a political slush fund for the 2006 presidential campaign of President Felipe Calderon, who narrowly won. But they released no evidence to support that claim.

His U.S. lawyer, Martin F. McMahon, said he would ask that Ye Gon be given asylum in the United States and called for U.S. congressional hearings into his client’s claims. Ye Gon’s lawyers also said that they offered to have him submit to an interview by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration but that U.S. officials haven’t responded.

Ye Gon is charged in Mexico with drug trafficking, money laundering and weapons possession for allegedly importing 19 tons of a pseudoephedrine compound used to make methamphetamine – charges he denies.

Although Mexico has requested Ye Gon’s extradition, U.S. officials have not detained him.


We are always wanting Mexico to extradite criminals wanted here – or whine when “extraordinary renditions” by private citizens … ahem… go to the dogs – so, why isn’t Ye Gon in custody, or on a plane back to Mexico?


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  1. 25 July 2007 11:40 am

    Segun datos fidedignos, el gobierno inepto mexicano estaba enterado desde diciembre del ano pasado. No fue hasta en marzo de este ano que le “descubrieron” el monto multimillonario en una residencia en la cd. de Mexico.
    Porque tardaron tanto tiempo, (4 ) meses para dar con el paradero de esa fortuna?
    Se dice que Ye GOn se nacionalizo cuando Vicente FOx era presidente. Cuales son los requisitos para un extranjero para ser ciudadano mexicano? Acaso pago mordida para facilitar la naturalizacion? Se le puede enjuiciar por fraude si es que lo hubo y quitarle la ciudadania? Hubo otras personas involucradas con este Ye Gon. QUienes so n estas personas? Que cargos se les esta haciendo contra ellos por el gobierno mexicano? Que arreglos, si es que los hubieron, existen entre el tal Javier Alarcon y los abogados de Ye Gon? Se publico en la prensa que el tal Alarcon habia ido a los EEUUAA para “entablar” una demanda contra el ex chino ahora mexicano.
    Porque el presidente Felipe Calderon dice que va a meter en la carcel al chino mexicano, si no es el ni juez ni cosa que se parezca a un juez? Solamente un juez en capacidad competente con pruebas y con un proceso judicial puede emitir tal aseveracion. Entre un chino ahora mexicano y un oficial del gobierno mexicano, a ninguno se le puede creer. Lo que cuenta son los hechos. A quienes les vendia y les compraba este individuo? QUienes le ayudaron a Ye Gon a hacerse ciudadano? Cuanto pago por mordidas por el trafico de estas substancias importadas de la China? Quienes son los aduaneros oficiales que permitieron y aprobaron la importacion de drogas ilicitas de Chica? EL Ye GOn tiene respuestas para muchas de estas preguntas. El gobierno mexicano esta hasta el cuello de corrupcion y no se les puede creer nada a ninguno de ellos. Genaro Lara


  1. Be careful what you ask for… Zenli Ye Gon | The Mex Files

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