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Tequila – it’s health food

10 August 2007

Not really, but David Agren (who like fellow reporter, Clark Kent, masquerades as a mild-mannered reporter to continue his fight for tequila, justice and the Canadian way of life) publishes the informative, encyclopedic Tequila blog, Otro Tequila:

…researchers at the University of Guadalajara are finding the most useful compounds in the agave plant. (Tequila is made from the roasted agave hearts.) Agave is full of inulin, and miel de agave (agave syrup) supposedly contains a sugar profile that’s okay for diabetics. Now agave apparently could help deliver drugs into the intestine. Agave compounds can apparently survive stomach acids that destroy most drugs.

Look for more agave products to appear on health food store shelves in the meantime. As for miel de agave, it doesn’t do anything for me, but that’s a personal preference. I’ll certainly keep drinking tequila, though – Cazadores reposado straight up is a favorite.

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