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Hail Lenin!

27 September 2007

Unless you follow the fashion of picking Aztec names for your children, Mexican kids usually end up with the saint’s name they happen to be born on.  Kids don’t get teased much about their names … unless you’ve got a cool name like Cuauhtemoc and Xochititl, you’re either stuck with some variation of all the  San Juans and Santa Marias scattered around the liturgical calendar, or you’ll be stuck with an obscure saint like Hilario or Porfirio.

Unless, of course, your family is from Mexico’s other traditional religion … anti-clerical politics, of course.
Jay Johnson-Castro profiled Lenin Peréz for the Rio Grande Guardian:

At the age of 40, Evaristo Lenin Pérez is completing his first year as the mayor of one of the fastest growing cities in Mexico, Ciudad Acuña, in Coahuila. He’s a grassroots native of Acuña who has never lost his sense of being a common person.

Evaristo Lenin Pérez in not your typical elected official. He’s just a local guy who cares. Most officials, once they attain their position of authority, tend to view themselves as superior to those who elected them. They embrace their prominence and like to be called by their titles. They are seldom accessible to anyone other than their favored friends and family or other prominent or influential figures. Often is that case that such political formalities disenfranchise the very ones who elected them. Not the case with Mayor Pérez, better know affectionately by the Acuña populace as simply “Lenin.” He is respected not only by the prominent members of his city of 400,000, but he is also revered and loved by the poor and lowly of his city.

I guess your name doesn’t have all that much affect on your future (in the U.S. could you imagine Learned Hand being other than a judge?  Or Moonunit Zappa ever becoming a state governor?) that it seems to have any affect on your future career.  If Stalin (Perez) can run the Mexico City subway, and Jesus (Ortega) the police department, why can’t Lenin run Ciudad Acuña?

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  1. 30 September 2007 7:47 pm

    Great post. I keep meaning to take pictures of the “vote for Lenin” posters. They make me giggle for some reason.

  2. carlos muller permalink
    21 November 2008 5:54 pm

    I know Lenin, I went to the same University in Saltillo, Coahuila, and we lived in the same house. He is an excellent person and very much down to earth, he likes to help the poor and others too. Is an honor to get to know him.

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