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A nail in the coffin…

29 September 2007

Some good news… very good news… from El Universal:

The Torre Bicentenario will NOT be built, or at least not on the original proposed site.  Besides being butt ugly, the proposed 1000-meter coffin (er, office tower/shopping complex) would have intruded on Chapultepec Park, cast a shadow over Los Pinos, interfered with the flight path to Benito Juarez airport and just have been a giant eyesore.  

But, the reason it’s been canceled — at least for now — is that an historic MEXICAN architectural gem — the 1948 Vladimir Kaspé designed Super Servicio Lomas would have been destroyed.  

Besides, who needs some Dutch architect telling Mexicans how to build?

Alas, Torre Bicentenario isn’t buried yet.  The city is considering a different site, in Tlaxcoaque.  

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