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Sinaloa preliminary election results

15 October 2007

For Deputy (State Legislator):  24 seats open.  PAN 6; PRI 18; PRD 0; PT 0; PVEM 0; Convergencia 0; Alternativa 0.

Presidente Municipal:  16 positions.  PAN 2; PRI 14 (2 on fusion tickets with Convergencia).

I’ve been saying since last year’s Presidential elections that it was a mistake to assume PAN was a growing party.  The PRD has never been particularly strong in Sinaloa, and wasn’t expected to win anything.  If my math is right (and my understanding of Mexican election law), PRI will hold only 16 of its 18 presumed victories in the State legislature — my understanding being that no party can have more than 2/3rds.  I’m not sure who will get those seats. PAN?

And, these results are very preliminary.  PAN is complaining that PRI had an unfair advantage in campaign advertising (so what’s new?0 but only minor irregularities have been reported so far.  Results were as of 23:46 (local time).

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  1. 15 October 2007 1:31 pm

    But the BIG surprise in Sinaloa is the result in Mazatlán. Ruled by PAN for a long, long time (with some ridiculous/humorous “times out” along the way), the PRI soundly trounced (and that doesn’t even include the votes for their “coalition” partner, Partido Convergencia) PAN for the position of Presidente Municipal (County Commission Chairman – alcalde). That’s shocking!

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