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English only?

17 October 2007

My goodness… such language!

The cameraman is rather articulate, and relatively polite.

From LatinoInsurgent, via The CyberHacienda

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  1. el_longhorn permalink
    18 October 2007 12:20 pm

    But, remember, its not about race!

  2. white guy permalink
    19 October 2007 4:59 pm

    go home beaners

    TO TEXAS??????

  3. 26 February 2011 4:06 am

    If all immigrants need to go out of USA, then, all need to start packing and get the bones of their ancestors and return to Europe, Asia, Africa…. and leave the country to who really and originally belongs to> to the native Americans that were set in reservations… is not a matter of being a racist, is a matter of common sense. Liberty ends when the other says YOU ARE PUSHING ME? provocation is the arm of the stupid one. and without the presence of immigrants of all nations, USA will become nothing… america is a place for all, sadly, those that claim that the no other has the right to be there, are those that do nothing for the country but complaining of everything. by the way, if need top go back to do claims, USA need to return some land *unpaid*, that was mexico at one time! who is the coward now?

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