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The Bush Administration guide to making friends and influencing people

18 October 2007

Remember George W. Bush’s Magical Mystery Latin American Tour?  The magical part was that he didn’t end up getting Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, Guatemala and Mexico to declare war.  The mystery was what he thought to accomplish.

Ah… the Bush Administration.  Latin America’s best friend since… oh… Calvin Coolidge or maybe John Quincey Adams was in the White House.

¡Que bárbaro! (from “The Hill”, Washington)

Bush loss, Starbucks gain

By Daphne Retter

October 18, 2007

President Bush has long advocated for immigration reform to make this country more welcoming to Hispanics. But at a Rose Garden ceremony last Wednesday to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, Bush ended up locking a group of foreign Hispanic leaders out on the street.

About a dozen ambassadors from Latin American countries such as Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador and Peru discovered to their shock and chagrin that though the White House had asked them to the annual event, they could not get past the door because their names were not on the invite list.

Could this be payback from Bush just two weeks after former Mexican President Vicente Fox released Revolution of Hope, a book that called Bush a “windshield cowboy” and the “cockiest guy I ever met”?

In a searing ritual familiar to those who have tried to enter a velvet-rope party wearing khakis or flip-flops, the Latin ambassadors were forced to stand around awkwardly and watch more favored guests stream right past them and into the event.

Eventually, the group of ambassadors decided to call it quits and crossed the street to have coffee at Starbucks instead.
“I think for about 15 minutes they waited and when they realized that the event had already started they decided to leave,” said Ricardo Alday, spokesman for the Embassy of Mexico.

Daniel Fisk, senior director for Western Hemisphere Affairs at the National Security Council, later called Mexican Ambassador Arturo Sarukhán and other envoys to apologize for the snafu.

“Mr. Fisk reached out and made apologies to those in the diplomatic corps who were invited and affected,” said National Security Council spokeswoman Kate Starr. “No insult was intended and we sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.”


 Our Prez at the diplomatic reception

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  1. 20 October 2007 8:05 pm

    While Bush was in Guatemala, he visited an old Maya ruin. The Maya had a cleansing ceremony after he left. Imagine, people who live in mud houses with no plumbing felt the need to “clean” their country after he left!

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