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Well, the Chinese do have experience with Great Walls

22 October 2007

Damn… I’m surprised that everybody’s overlooked this little detail about the proposed (er, imposed) Great Wall of Texas…

As American jobs continue to be outsourced and American industries continues to lay off workers and shut down factories, you would think that the albatross being built on the U.S. Mexico boarder would provide some American industry jobs. Think again because that’s not the way this administration works.

In the continual slap down of American workers and American industry the Department of Homeland Security has purchased steel from China to build the border fence. You would think all the recalls from China would be reason enough not to purchase from China. What’s far more insulting is that DHS waived the “buy America” rule.

A few congressional representatives from steel-producing regions and crazy Duncan Hunter have complained, but really — if we had to use foreign steel, there are some excellent steel mills a lot closer to us than China.

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  1. 22 October 2007 5:28 pm

    Besides the wall/fence being an insult to Mexico and many Americans, now our brainless government insults American industry.

    BTW: Thanks for the link.

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