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So, build the damn fence already… no, THAT fence…

28 October 2007

About 5,681 people were apprehended entering the U.S. illegally from Canada in the year ended Aug. 31, the Border Patrol said. That compared with more than 800,000 caught along the U.S.-Mexico border in the same period.

Workers, farmers, and those scary OTMs that turn out not to be the enemy agents of right-wing fantasies cross the Mexican border… watched by 10,664 (and climbing) Border Patrol Agents, shitloads of county sheriffs, spy-cams, the Hindeburg of Texas  [for real… run by Lockheed-Martin, and the smallest U.S. Air Force base in the United States, the Marfa blimp base, on US 90 between Marfa and Valentine, is only slightly less absurd than other intrusions on the desert landscape] and assorted crazy people. Who are bound to see people crossing.

But whose watching the other border?

The CANADIAN border is …

“…so long, frankly, the security on that border has really not increased too much since the French and Indian War,” John Cooney, the GAO’s assistant director for forensic audits and special investigations, said Sept. 27 during testimony in Washington before the Senate Finance Committee.

At the same hearing, Border Patrol Deputy Chief Ronald Colburn didn’t question the accuracy of the GAO report. “I’m satisfied that they were accurate in finding that there are still vulnerabilities along our border,” Colburn said.

Who knows how many — or what’s — crossing over from Quebec?

Sacre bleu!  FRENCH CANADIANS may be planning  La reconquête right under our noses.  After all, the FRENCH and ENGLISH have invaded the United States from Canada several times (French and Indian Wars, The War of Independence, War of 1812, even the American Civil War … don’t think any Mexicans ever attacked from Canada — ever).

Say adieu to the American Way of Life as THEY infiltrate down into the Great Lakes, the Mississippi and Missouri River Valleys and force their poutine and gravy and french-fries on us. And, if we’re not careful, they’ll even make us buy universal health insurance.  BUILD THE WALL NOW!

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