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Flood waters now in the spin cycle…

7 November 2007

Lila Saúl, in this morning’s El Universal, reports that the Fox Administration had set up El Proyecto Integral contra Inundaciones (Pici) for flood control in Tabasco, with 2.6 billion pesos set aside for the project. Obviously, the 2003 project was never carried through. The Calderón administration is now projecting rebuilding costs at 7 billion… There’s no guarantee that Pici would have prevented the disaster,but it looks like the finger-pointing has already begun.

Andres Manuel Lopez Obradór, who hails from Tabasco and — having started his career as a rural social worker in that state — and who lived in Villahermosa for many years — blames the Federal Electric Commission (CFE) for dam-building done on behalf of foreign multinationals.

Nancy Davis, and others of the Oaxaca Action Study Group, want to use flood relief to further “their” cause:

However, it did cross my mind that if trucks are taking Oaxaca supplies, with Oaxaca drivers and other personnel along, it sure presents an opportunity. I would be afraid, John, that if the APPO presents itself as APPO they would be arrested on the road.

Of course, it crosses my mind that Nancy and her fellow foreigners would complain bitterly if other poltiical organizations sent supplies (and, if I’m reading her suggestion right) used the tragedy in Tabasco to further some other cause in another state.

There are a few who worry that Cruz Roja is “corrupt” — or, like the American Red Cross after the New Orleans flood — will spend the money on everything BUT the disaster. I have respect for Cruz Roja, and think they do a good job (as does the Mexican Army, which OSAG folks don’t like to hear), but if people DO have doubts about Cruz Roja, then give to one of the other established charities, like Catholic Relief Services, which has a very good record for keeping overhead and administrative expenses low, and which already is on the ground in Villahermosa through Caritas.

As far as I can tell, APPO and Nancy Davis have done diddly-squat.  At least the Catholic Relief Services (Caritas in Mexico) in Monterrey sent 16 tons of supplies under the care of a dozen local firemen this morning.

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