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There’s a sucker born every minute(man)

8 November 2007

Alleged child molester, Chris Simcox — the failed cowboy movie extra turned anti-immigrant entrepreneur — claims there’s a “smear campaign” out to discredit him.  You might think that I am participating, but I could never do such a thing…

I might however, note that even Norwegians (a people not noted for their sense of the absurd) , are finding the bruhaha very, very funny.  Dealing with the factually challenged and easily frightened people who donated to his cause, Simcox  might have been better off selling something less tangible and photogenic — eternal salvation or the like — not something you can actually see and measure.

The Minuteman’s bally-hooed 14 foot fence (topped with razor wire) was supposedly going to run the entire U.S.-Mexican border. Simcox has been happily taking donations from folks who seem to be unable to even look at a map… most of that border is the middle of a river, and other stretches run through cañons and bluffs and other kinda difficult places.  And, yeah, maybe on a map you can draw a straight line, but anyone with an ounce of common sense would have realized it’s not easy to draw a straight line — in the right place — even in the desert.

And…  don’t these morons read the prospectus before they invest?  Uh, did they bother to figure in the price of land acquisition?

No, I’m not part of the smear campaign against Chris Simcox. But promising a fence that can be photographed — and that even the rubes are going to recognize as a cheap cattle fence when they see one — wasn’t real smart.  Hell, the Minutemen donors were too stupid to keep their money, and they — and Simcox — deserved each other.  Fuck ’em all.

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  1. el_longhorn permalink
    8 November 2007 2:54 pm

    Fuck ’em.

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