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11 November 2007


For the believers among you, chupacabra is mysterious creature said to attack and suck the blood out of goats and other farm animals.

Descriptions have varied greatly ever since the first reported sighting almost 20 years ago in Puerto Rico.

They have since been reported in parts of Latin America, Mexico, the United States, even Russia and, now, maybe, in Albuquerque, too.

A mysterious animal has been lurking the streets of a northwest Albuquerque subdivision, and it’s been very hard for people living there to figure out what it is.

Nope, it ain’t a chupacabra. Ugly critter, but nothing strange about it. Besides, we all know the REAL chupacabra has been sighted before… and looks nothing like those sweet (but really butt-ugly) doggies…


Speaking of things that suck… the telephone bill, the electric bill, the rent… MexFiles only survives on donations (and not on attacking chickens and goats)…

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