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Duck and cover… life on the border

27 November 2007

One nice thing about living in the Big Bend is that we get crappy TV reception, and unless I was to pay for cable, it’s not worth watching.  So, I have only the vaguest idea who Glenn Beck is, or what he does on his show.  Apparently, he mentioned Melinda Barrera at the Rio Grande Guardian in one of his … newscasts?  rants?  clown acts?  which prompted a lot of hate-mail coming her way.  Much to Melinda’s amusement:

I’ve got to tell you folks north of Dallas the truth. Please hear me out. You need to understand that your country is safe and your border is a cool place to live.

When I go to HEB, I just get in my car, listen to my music, get to the parking lot, get out and go shopping …just like you do. When I go to work, I go through very similar routines to yours. I don’t own a gun. I’m never afraid. I don’t dodge bullets. I’ve never, ever, seen a real terrorist, ever. Have you?

I do see hard working laborers from Mexico daily. They are honest and reliable and our economy depends on their cheap labor to build our homes.  I also see lots and lots of people in very nice cars with Mexico plates parked at our stores spending very large sums of money. These people come over here on the weekends and spend money that could easily be staying in their own country but they chose instead to spend it in ours. Our Gross National Product is higher, thanks to them. Our cities have nicer housing and therefore higher tax bases for our schools, thanks to them. Our stores have much larger selections to choose from, thanks to them. Our business people earn more, thanks to them. We all have nicer lives, thanks to our family from south of the river. We owe a lot of thanks to them.

If you ask a Minute Man or Glen Beck, the Mexicans coming across are the worst crime element in this country. If you ask the Beck listeners these Mexicans are gun toting, drug dealing, criminal thugs who are only coming into this country to destroy it and the decent hard working Americans who live here.

If this were true, then there would not have been a single crime committed in L.A., San Francisco, Cleveland, Chicago, New York, Philadelphia or Washington DC, unless it was committed by an immigrant from Mexico.

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