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Plan Colombia to Plan Mexico — Plan for failure

4 December 2007

Grits for Breakfast.” which focuses on Texas penal issues, highly recommends Ben Wallace-Wells “How America Lost the War on Drugs” in Rolling Stone:

Those who don’t learn from the history of the Drug War in Colombia are failed to repeat it in Mexico. For a preview of what another $1.4 billion may buy in a Mexican edition of “Plan Colombia,” see the article…

…The piece confirms my impression, as I’ve maintained previously that Mexican drug cartels arguably constitute the greatest overall public safety threat from the drug war. I’m increasingly convinced that current proposals for anti-drug collaborations with Mexico precisely risk repeating the mistake of allowing “our drug agents to be used by the cartels for their own ends.”

I’ve been focused on the effects on Mexico, and the probable use of the “War on Drugs” as a Mexican version of our “War on Terror” — i.e., a rationale for stifling political and economic dissent in the country (which is much more likely to be fatal to Mexican dissenters than it has been so far to those of us in the U.S.) — but agree that “Plan Mexico” (aka “Plan Merida”) is futile and counterproductive.  And dangerous.

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  1. 22 September 2008 8:27 pm

    Look to see Dodd getting his, and “that fake groups WOLA.:”Ha!


  1. “Spiraling violence…” « The Mex Files

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