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It doesn’t add up, or maybe it does

10 December 2007

Over the last eighteen months, seven different grupero singers have been murdered. The New York Times,
target=”_blank”>the Associated Press, the LA Times and even the British press are all trying to somehow create a pattern: which just ain’t there.

Apparently, according to the foreign press, any somehow related murder must involve drugs. Well, I checked today’s Prensa (the “best” source for crimes that make the national news) and found — besides the color photo of one of the grupero singers’ funeral (which was held in his hometown of Chicago, by the way) — three noteworthy crimes:

  • A taxi driver raped passengers;
  • A drunk-driving  former Chiapas state legislator killed three people (two of them young children);
  • and an unlucky gangster had his “noble parts” cut off before being shot… apparently he done her wrong, the her being under investigation.

I suppose there’s a trend of some kind — fucked up people do some fucked up things and people end up hurt or dead… but that’s about it.

Meanwhile, in Omaha, Nebraska eight Christmas shoppers are murdered in one store on the same day… and it doesn’t mean anything? I had to find an Australian news source for something in English that even tried to find a connection:

The number of victims was above average yet the United States has greeted this tragedy with a weary shrug of the shoulders. Gun crimes of this sort are now accepted as an ineradicable facet of modern life in the US. No new debate has begun over the need for tougher gun controls, and by the second day many newspapers did not even run a follow-up story. There simply seemed nothing new to say.

I guess it’s not worth reporting.  Another four people were blown away at Church services the next day. Crazy people with guns were involved in all 12 deaths, but that doesn’t mean anything, does it?

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  1. 11 December 2007 5:15 am

    i think it’s pretty obvious that at least a couple of these killin’s are probably narco-related. we’re falling back down to mid-90’s symptoms of violent challenge… back then we had a bunch of “unrelated” murders and targeted violence too… from womankillings in Juárez to a cardenal shot to presidential candidates and PRI leaders…

    personally, i think all this is scary and worrisome sh^t. have you seen the drugang promotional musical videos on youtube?

  2. 11 December 2007 9:33 pm

    Sure there’s a pattern — they’re all gruperos and they died gruesome, violent deaths. The reasons aren’t all that clear, you’re right. They might not all be narco-related – but at the very least they seem to be grupero-related., no? Unlike the people in the shopping mall, who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, all the gruperos were targeted. Maybe there’s another profession out there – other than journalists… let’s say bricklayers – that have had a half a dozen brutal, targeted killings over the past year and a half, but if so, I’m not hearing about it. (Of course, the fact that most bricklayers aren’t famous could have something to do with that.)

    When they start coming after gringo bloggers, I’m packing the car…

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