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Passages from India…

21 December 2007

Indian photographer Prantik Manzumder spent last Christmas backpacking though the somewhat familiar, somewhat exotic country of Mexico.

He writes:

Although I was aware that Mexico is an extremely diverse and interesting country I was not ready for the depth and breadth of the cultural experiences I would encounter, especially the similarities with my homeland, India. In his classic “In Light of India” Mexico’s Nobel prize winning writer Octavio Paz noted, “The strangeness of India brought to mind that other strangeness: my own country”. I found in Mexico a mirror for reflecting on my own homeland. Everything about Mexico was fabulous. The people, the cultural diversity, the architecture, the riot of colors, the fascinating history, the modern socio-political ethos, the indigenous communities, the ruins, the food, the nightlife, the tequila (The music definitely has room for improvement), and the list goes on. I do not speak a word of Spanish except that I can pronounce my name with a cute Latino accent which didn’t make ordering food any less challenging. However, I discovered that if you order something right from the center of the menu, you will most likely get some well cooked mammal flesh.


Sombrero tip to Don Anonimo for uncovering this wonderful site.

Mexico City, April 2007

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