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Another good reason to learn Spanish

4 January 2008

From the (English-language) Guadalajara Reporter:


… Two American tourists, Billy David Thomas, 32, and Mitchell Owen Collins, 33, both of Denver, found themselves in a legal debacle after taking photographs of Mexican children in Puerto Vallarta. The children’s parents alerted authorities because they said Thomas and Collins were hiding while taking the pictures with the intention of uploading them and posting them on the Internet.

According to an article in Guadalajara daily El Informador, one of the parents, Jose Socorro Nava Gomez, told police that two Americans had taken photos of his children without his consent.

When the fathers confronted the two men, they said that they were planning to compensate the children with Christmas money. The fathers were not satisfied and a fight ensued. During the melee, the Americans managed to flee to a nearby church where they were eventually identified and detained by police.

In recent years, child pornography and pedophilia have become an all-too serious issue in Puerto Vallarta. There have been several high profile arrests of foreigners who allegedly have come to the resort city to engage in “sexual tourism.” In one of the most notorious cases, San Francisco millionaire Thomas Frank White was jailed on child sexual abuse charges and providing drugs to minors.

So with this type of history, it’s understandable that parents in Puerto Vallarta might be sensitive to these kinds of issues. When in doubt, ask first.

At press time, this newspaper understood that the men had been released and not charged.

Tourists, don’t let this happen to you! Spend the 90 pesos for “Enjoy Mexico in Spanish” before you go — which happened to be reviewed in the 29 December edition (along with my Bosques’ War, from the same publisher)  of the same Mexican newspaper.

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  1. 27 July 2008 8:21 am

    Cool blog, I spend a lot of time in Puerto Vallarta and live there part time. I always do a Google search for all the blogs about Puerto Vallarta so I can keep up with what is going on when I am not there. Have a great day. pvkid

  2. Bowser permalink
    28 February 2010 12:49 pm


    “FTW” Free Thomas White should be the theme in Mexico, USA, and around the World.

    Please see latest website for important details in this case: or

    The media should help Thomas White with a media blitz of the truth in this case. He has suffered in jail for too long, never being convicted of any crime. There is documented court proof, that he was set up.



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