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DF Bombing

16 February 2008

From Press Association:

A homemade bomb exploded near Mexico City’s police headquarters, killing one person and wounding two others.

Police said the attack could be linked to organised crime.

The explosion about 50 yards from the police compound broke windows and damaged cars in the immediate vicinity.

No group claimed responsibility for the blast, which came as Mexico’s government fights drugs gangs and small rebel groups.

“It is possible that organised crime is linked to the attack,” said Rodolfo Felix, Mexico City’s top prosecutor.

A man between the age of 25 and 30, who has not been identified, was killed in the explosion and two other people were injured, police chief Joel Ortega said.

It was not clear if the dead man was responsible for the bomb or if he simply picked up the package, which was inside a plastic bag, from the sidewalk.

“Because of the type of injuries, we suspect this man was carrying the explosive in his right hand,” Mr Ortega said.

Yesterday, there was speculation that some “terrorist” group was involved, but this just looks like fall-out from Calderon’s “War on Drugs” or, perhaps, some freelancer with a grudge or the cartel not so neatly disposing of one of their own… the bomb exploded in a field away from the Police building (and other commercial and residential properties). The two injured people were a woman who apparently was the bomber’s accomplice and a student hit by flying debris, who did not require hospitalization.

There was, however, a Mexican killed by a “terrorist” yesterday in Illinois. Not that there’s any linkage, but these kinds of things being so rare, it does make the front pages of the newspapers.

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