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The Wall Nuts

22 February 2008

Inconvenient truths, on the front page of yesterday’s ultra conservative Washington Times

“The fence is a way for the politicians in Washington to convince the American people that they’re doing something about illegal immigration,” [Maverick County Judge Jose A.] Aranda said. “But it’s simply an illusion.”

“They came in here from Washington like storm troopers, dictating what we were going to do and how we were going to do it,” said [Eagle Pass Mayor Chad] Foster in describing Homeland Security efforts to explain its fence project. “They steamrolled us. We tried telling them that in building a fence on this border, one size does not fit all.

“Instead, we found out they had no idea of what life is like on the border, and many couldn’t find the Rio Grande with a map,” he said.

Given some of the comments the Mex Files receives, and what I read in other venues when the Great Wall is dicsussed, I honesty don’t think a lot of people DO know where the border is. Or what it looks like. They think it’s a line across the desert (which it is, is California, not here). This is what it looks like just outside Del Rio, above — and this surprises people — Lake Amistad, a very large reservoir (and recreation area) that provides the water for most of the Rio Grande Valley…


That’s the mouth of the Pecos River… where exactly are the going to put the fence. On the bluffs on the U.S. side, cutting off access to the Union Pacific Railroad and U.S. 90? Or to the National Recreation Area?

How about on existing Federal property, like the Santa Elena Canyon?


Besides the obviously geographically challenged commentators, there are those who claim we should willingly give up our land for national security reasons. OK, but why do they say nothing about the rich, well connected landowners whose land is not being proposed for taking.

Along the border, preliminary plans for fencing seem to target landowners of modest means and cities and public institutions such as the University of Texas at Brownsville, which rely on the federal government to pay their bills.

A visit to the River Bend Resort in late January reveals row after row of RVs and trailers with license plates from chilly northern U.S. states and Canadian provinces. At the edge of a lush, green golf course, a Winter Texan from Canada enjoys the mild, South Texas winter and the landscaped ponds, where white egrets pause to contemplate golf carts whizzing past. The woman, who declines to give her name, recounts that illegal immigrants had crossed the golf course once while she was teeing off. They were promptly detained by Border Patrol agents, she says, adding that agents often park their SUVs at the edge of the golf course.

River Bend Resort is owned by John Allburg, who incorporated the business in 1983 as River Bend Resort, Inc. Allburg refused to comment for this article. A scan of the Federal Election Commission and Texas Ethics Commission databases did not find any political contributions linked to Allburg.

And, finally, there are those pathetic folks who try to appeal to our patriotism. I know my American history very well.. it wasn’t the Battle of the Alamo (which was lost by the Texas Independence fighters, but served as a rallying cry for the establishment of that short-lived republic) that was important to making Texas — and New Mexico and Arizona and California — part of the United States, it was the Battle of Fort Brown.

When Texas was annexed by the United States, the border was not well defined. According to Mexico it was the Rio Nueces, according to the United States, the Rio Grande/Bravo del Norte.

Fort Brown was built on the North shore of the Rio Grande to establish U.S. claims… and the remains of the fort still sit on grounds now owned by the University of Texas at Brownsville… or will, until the Wall effectively cedes them back to Mexico.

UTB President Dr. Juliet V. García and the UTB Trustees — in fighting this idiotic boondoggle — are the ones protecting national heritage and U.S. territory. What are the Wall-nuts doing?

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  1. 23 February 2008 1:38 pm

    Beautiful photos. I have been to the Big Bend National Park 2 times. A great place. Climbed mountains with my aunt, uncle, and a cousin. Saw coyotes (animal) and peccararies (spelling?)

    Another memorable thing seen was a bunch of Mexicans in an old Toyota pickup truck driving across the Rio Grande. Yes, just driving right across the river/border. No idea what they were up to. This would have been around 1986.

    We spent some time at a very rustic hot spring down there. Some people took raft trips down the Rio, but we didn’t have the money for this. We later read somewhere that some of the Tourists on these rafts were shot at, supposedly by Mexicans. We crossed the border, and never had any trouble.

  2. 31 August 2008 1:41 pm

    The Truth about this outrage disgrace about putting the fence is a slap to the face to all of the Border Authorities starting in the Big Bend all the way to the Brownsville southern Rio Grande river, I believe that Homeland Security is a puppet of George W. Bush dictatorship orders to put this fence against the Independence and Pride that symolizes our Patriotism and historical statues of our Heroes that fought for the Texas Independece ever since crossing the Rio Grande river, George W. Bush grandfather was the same issue as today’s era President, he wanted the head of Pancho Villa cut for a $2000 dollar reward and he supported the anti-revolution Guerrillas supplying them with ammunition, artillery, and food from New Haven, Connecticut the main factory of Artillery and Ammunition to destroy the INDEPENDENCE of the poor Mexicans that wanted Liberty against Dictatorship, So the Rio Grande river was heavily guarded with the National Border Guards and the Texas Rangers against Mexican war dessertors and Villistas ammunition buyers, but the Mexican Constitutionalists(rich people) were supported and supplyied with ammunition, artillery and food for Combating the Mexican Revolucionaries of Generals Zapata and Villa(the people’s choice Mexican democracy), too bad that this happened because the winning Mexican Government of the Constructionalists never helped the poor Mexicans with benefits and Social security like America, so the first illegal immigrants began to cross the Rio Grande river to the American side in search for work and a better future for their famillies in Mexico, so ever since this has been thank’s to Preston Bush financial support against the Mexican Independence Revolucionaries fighters for Liberty against DICTATORSHIP, so now George W. Bush(grandson of Preston) wants the fence because their mediocre speculation is that we are going to get attacked by Terrorists and they are going to use the Rio Grande river for crossing for their activities, well I got news theres no way in Hell that this could happened because theres to many Media press informers, and Mexican Guards(Grupo beta) that are doing a wonderful job and the US side we got very good secured Border guardians(Minutemen) and Immigration, aren’t they doing a good job? Why should we need this idiotic fence that doesn’t make any sence? so my point of view is NO to the mediocre beliefs of the Bush administration starting with Condolezza Rice advices to the President that aren’t smart enough.

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