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What a wimp! What a dame!

10 March 2008

Geeze, the Governor of New York resigns (or is said to be resigning) because he hired a hooker?

While I’m not sure of the difference between prostitution and politics — though I’ve yet to hear of a prostitute being shamed into quitting when it was revealed they’d been consorting with politicians — there was Irma Serrano, who excelled in both professions.

A true survivor, Serrano worked her way up from the the 14-year old victim of a Chiapas state deputy (and pedophile) to TV and film star — and mistress to President Gustavo Diaz Ordaz. Of the famously ugly President, Serrano later said “It’s amazing how power improves a man’s looks.” But, apparently, not his other attributes.

With political backing, Irma successfully open a night-club, “El Fru-Fru” across the street from what was then the Federal Legistlature (today’s District Assembly building). The cheezy nude statue out front is said to be Irma.

Serrano very publicly broke with Diaz Ordaz when she crashed a birthday party for the first lady and sang — in front of TV cameras — a “tribute” to the President, sort of a 1960s version of “Don’t Want No Short-Dicked Man

After several years of self-imposed exile in Spain, Serrano got her own revenge, coming back to Mexico and being elected as a reformist Senator from a minor socialist party. Believed to be at least in her late 70s, she claimed to have become pregnant through an embryo implant, but suffered a miscarriage.

Wikipedia describes her as “… the equivalent of Dolly Parton, Hillary Clinton and Elvira (the Halloween witch character) all rolled into one. She is like Dolly Parton because sheis a country singer and actress, like Hillary Clinton because she became a senator and like Elvira because many say she is really a witch. And she projects the glamour of all of them together. ”

If you can imagine “The View” with a little less up-tight version of Mae West, you can image la Tigressa:

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