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Who’s who?

20 April 2008

Michael Marizco ( in the Mexico City News:

… The military and the cartels are now, it appears, fighting for the soul of Mexico.

First, a message appeared in Ciudad Juárez newspapers, radio and television stations last week: “Attention citizens, if you see anybody dressed like the Mexican Army attacking your neighbors or violating your rights, it wasn’t us, it was the narcos.”

The Juárez Cartel, the military claimed, was going to attack the citizens of the city, violate their women, invade their homes, and brutalize the people. They were going to disguise themselves as Mexican Army soldiers, then film these exploits, the military said, and then publish them on YouTube.

Then a second message appeared, this one in the form of colored flyers scattered throughout Reynosa: “We are soliciting ex military to form an armed military group. A good salary. $500.” A phone number at the bottom.

And in Nuevo Laredo, a banner was stretched a busy downtown street offering gigs to former soldiers, with a good salary, meals, and special attention for their families.

Who’s telling the truth anymore? Who’re the bad guys and which are the good?

… Pres. Felipe Calderón started his reign with a clearly focused moral higher ground. He was fighting the good fight against the criminals that threatened the national security of his country. And he was using the cleanest corps at his disposal, the Army.

He’d been warned, as early as last year when he took office, that the heavy hand of the Army was going to give his administration the air of a military regime – a past that nobody cares to revisit in Mexico.

He chose to ignore those warnings and that’s fine; he’s been lucky, there haven’t been many incidences like the one in Sinaloa.

But the problem with high ground is that it doesn’t take much to bring you down in the public’s eye. Particularly when the public is already suspicious of the State. Particularly when someone else comes along with an offer.

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  1. 23 April 2008 2:41 pm

    They better kill those narcos off, otherwise they are going to ruin it for the government. That aint good.

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