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An arsenal, yeah… but a Mega-arsenal”?

2 May 2008

Yesterday’s El Noroeste has a lead story on the latest arrest of local gangsters.

What’s described as a “mega-arsenal” is ONLY 10 AK-47s, 2 AR-15s and one 9 mm pistol. In the photo, the cash (379,980 US dollars) was more impressive. To be fair, in the same raid, the police found at another location two 357 magnums and two 38 police specials. None of these are available on the civilian market in Mexico, but I can guess where they came from easily enough. And it’s really not that many guns. It still sounds like what any Texan might have sitting in his basement at any given time… Bob (who I know nothing about — but whose website came up first when I ran “my gun collection” through a Google search) isn’t even a Texan… and his personal collection looks to have a lot more firepower than the thirteen “sicaros” had to share between themselves outside Cuilicán.

Besides, it’s not the guns that are the problem (with supply limited, the gangsters pretty well are limited to shooting each other and the cops… they just can’t afford to waste bullets on us civilians)… its the cash.

Narcotics purchases are pretty much recession-proof.  The U.S. seems more interested in remittances going south than the 60 or 70 BILLION DOLLARS a year it spends on narcotics… Maybe they should take a look at what they spend on drugs… or at the money laundering… or the guns… NAH!  It’s easier to print screaming headlines about shootouts in border towns and whine that “Mexico is out of control, blah, blah, blah…”

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