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Another reason to shoot your television

22 May 2008

Paul Waldman (The Sanctuary) reviews a worthwhile “Media Matters” report on U.S. cable news (the idiots I’m spared watching — Lou Dobbs, Bill O’Reilly, Glenn Beck — since I don’t have American cable television, and don’t want it) coverage of immigration and inter-American affairs:

If your only source of news is cable during prime time, you might be among those who believe that the U.S. government and American society are groaning under the weight of undocumented immigrants. You might believe that there is a terrifying crime wave attributable to illegal immigration. You might believe that undocumented immigrants feast on a cornucopia of social services, while avoiding paying taxes. You might also believe that they are voting illegally in large numbers, and that they bring with them all sorts of diseases. You might also believe that there are secret plans afoot to give away American sovereignty, as the United States joins with Canada and Mexico in a North American Union similar to the European Union. You might even believe that there is an enormous “NAFTA Superhighway,” running all the way from Mexico City to Toronto, in the works as we speak.

All of these ideas are false, but you might believe them if you watch prime-time cable news.

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  1. Mike S permalink
    25 May 2008 8:43 pm

    Mr. Waldman of Media Matters demonstrated that indeed “manners maketh man” in his interview with Mr. Dobbs:

    Mr. Dobbs however was an angry and timorous man using his privileged position as a CNN anchor and news editor to avoid serious discussion of his unbalanced coverage on an important issue. It was truly a sad spectacle.

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