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A day without gringos

2 June 2008

John Negroponte, the Reagan Administration U.S. Ambassador to Honduras, who ignored civilian massacres by that country’s armed forces as long as they continued to buy U.S. arms and allow U.S. “advisors” on their territory… the same one who

At the UN he led the Bush administration’s drive for war, and tried to persuade the Mexican and Chilean governments to recall their UN ambassadors when they did not agree to support the planned invasion. According to news reports, Negroponte authorized wiretaps and other audio surveillance of both allies and critics at the UN in the run-up to the Security Council vote and the invasion,

now wants Mexico and the Central American states to accept “help” from the United States in fighting narcotics traffickers. The same help, he claims, the U.S. has provided to Colombia — what, there’s a problem with Colombia?

Negroponte was speaking to the 38th General Assembly of the Organization of American States, something the U.S. press doesn’t seem interested in. Maybe that’s reasonable. Negroponte is kind of reduced to trying to claim the Bush Administration has been relevant to Latin America.

Meanwhile, another Bush Administration hack who isn’t taken too seriously — U.S. Ambassador Tony Garza — stymied that no one in Mexico can come up with a good reason to accept U.S. “assistance” via ‘Plan Merida” is reduced to the “Mommy, they’re doing it too” defense.

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  1. 3 June 2008 1:35 pm

    Of course, the American voters will never see the economic effect of the war on drugs. If you make something illegal, only the most sinister and careless people are going to engage in it. It is just like another illegal activities such as prostitution. If we would loosen our drug laws and allow the to be bought, sold, and used by consenting adults then we wouldn’t have so many seedy people in the business. The sad truth is that this will be one of the last directions that the Republican Party will ever go towards. In the US the two party system divides those who wish for a totalitarian government into two sides. Of course the Socialists who would love more for the government to tell people what they can and can not do with their money. The other side is full of people who think that Jesus doesn’t want you to smoke, drink, or pay for sex. The libertarians are divided by this as well. those of us who care more about personal freedom more likely vote Democrat while the economic freedom libertarians will vote for Republicans. Third parties only screw up elections allowing a non-majority winning candidate, say like Abraham Lincoln or Bill Clinton, to win the presidency. Local elections matter more of course, but the stupid American voters never realize this.


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