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Cost of bribery going down?

10 June 2008

Jeremy Roebuck, in the McAllen (Texas) Monitor has yet another story of corrupt coppers in the border towns… er, wait a minute… these our OUR coppers:

A U.S. Border Patrol agent accused of helping drug and human smugglers made his first appearance in federal court Monday.

Federal authorities arrested Reynaldo Zuniga, 34, of Harlingen, on Friday after he allegedly helped two Mexican nationals sneak a kilogram of cocaine across the Rio Grande.

Zuniga told investigators after his arrest that he accepted $1,200 to sneak Arteaga into the country, the complaint states. But the document does not mention whether Zuniga admitted to knowing about the cocaine.

Investigators believe the agent had made six similar smuggling trips since April.

Cocaine — like oil — is one of those things the U.S. just can’t live without. And as long as the U.S. consumers keep buying, somebody’s gonna keep selling… one way or another.

And, with the value of the dollar dropping against the Peso, Mexican gangsters may find it’s cheaper to bribe the U.S. cops than the Mexican ones.

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