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A good time was had by all

16 June 2008

Sounds like some frat parties I’ve been to. El Debate, 14-June-08 . Whoever edited the story is really good. All the juicy details and interesting word choices, but none of the usual padding (police car numbers, the officer’s names and badge numbers, etc.) you see in most Nota Rojas. (my translation):

A party at a house in colonia Anáhuac colony ended in a bloody confrontation between citizens and preventive police.

As a result 13 youngsters were arrested on various charges, including damage to a police car.

Preventive police had been called to a house at the corner of Belisario Domínguez Netzahualcóyotl streets, after a complaint of a public scandal. A group of young people in front of the house were drinking intoxicating beverages and playing music at a loud volume.

The agents noticed one guy had a pistol stuck in his waist-band, and attempted to take it away from him.

That was not possible because the crowd of young people grabbed it out of the policemen’s hands and begin beating them.

The police managed to get out of this jam, but a hail of beer bottles and rocks came down on them, breaking their patrol car’s windshield.

The agents requested backup, and more police arrived.

The officers kept their distance until the the youths ran out of ammunition, then arrestedAtrio Marroquín, José Manuel Carlón, Antonio Llanes, José Manuel Soto, Antonio Cervantes, Gabriel Humberto León, Carlos Ramón Amaral, Carlos Fernando Bejarano, Antonio Pérez, Fernando Becerra and three minors.

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