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Illlegal … alien fundraising

20 June 2008

via Americablog:

John McCain is shameless. …

First, the political attack from Canada…. he spoke before the Economic Club of Canada, a business organization whose membership cheered his remarks….

…McCain then went to a fundraiser for his campaign hosted by the American ambassador to Canada.

This is illegal for a couple of reasons, but what the hell.  If he’s gonna talk to non-voters though, why not talk to the non-voters he’s claimed “will help the United States.

Hey, Juan… when you comin’ here?

Speaking of illegal campaign contributions… new campaign finance laws in Mexico require the parties to publish the source of all private contributions (candidates can’t take private funding, but parties can).  Locally, the politicos are saying “we don’t take no stinkin’ narco-funding” but that’s only one special interest group the voters might find interesting.  Campaign contributions from abroad (to a candidate or a party) have always been illegal here — Vicente Fox’s coalition was fined a billion U.S. dollars for raising money in the U.S. during the 2000 election, so it’s not like it can’t be done if a country wants clean elections.  But, then, in the U.S. private donations aren’t called what they are in Mexico… bribery.

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