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ANOTHER “terrorist triangle”? Deja-vu all over again

25 June 2008

When the U.S. administration decided to blame all ills on “foreign terrorists”, it was a convenient excuse for also countering Latin American moves towards economic independence — and the left-leaning anti-World Bank administrations in Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay.  Suddenly, there was a huge concern over “terrorist cells” in the one U.S. client state in the region, Paraguay.  Paraguay has told the U.S. to stuff it, and the threat was always somewhat laughable.

But, the Bush Administration — like Bourbon kings — never learn, and never forget.  Well, almost. The “international Communist conspiracy” doesn’t work well anymore, but drugs and terrorists are still a good sales pitch for intervention. Having “lost” South America, they seem determined to hold on to Central America, where Nicaragua has a left-leaning government, Guatemala a center-leftist one, and El Salvador probably electing a President from the FMNL.  So… send in the envoy the special envoy.

In each Northern Triangle country [John] Negroponte visited in early June, he also addressed other issues that have marked Washington’s foreign policy agenda.

In El Salvador, he expressed concern over supposed ties between the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) guerrillas and the Farabundo Martí National Liberation Front (FMLN), the former insurgent group that is now the main opposition party in El Salvador and which stands a good chance of winning the presidential elections in 2009, as indicated by opinion polls.

Negroponte based that assertion, made in statements to the local press, on the laptops seized by the Colombian military at the FARC rebel camp that was bombed by Colombia on March 1 in Ecuador.

FMLN spokesman Deputy Sigfrido Reyes refuted Negroponte’s allegation, which he said was part of a “dirty war strategy” spurred by the governing rightwing Nationalist Republican Alliance’s (ARENA) fears of losing the 2009 elections.

(Thelma Mejía,  19-June-2008, UpsideDown World)

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