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America! America!

1 August 2008

This amazing photo was taken by Rabbi Brant Rosen, who blogs at Shalom Rav.  Rabbi Rosen writes

I spent an incredible day … in Postville, Iowa, where an interfaith mobilization of nearly 1,500 people prayed, marched, sang and testified in solidarity with the 390 immigrant Agriprocessor workers arrested in the May 12 raid.

Some brief background for those who still need it: on May 12, US Immigration and Customs Enforcement raided the Agriprocessors kosher meat packing plant. It was the largest single-site workplace raid in US history, resulting in the detainment of 390 employees (out of a total of 968). Ninety were subsequently released … – the remaining 300 have convicted as criminals on felony charges.

This is the first time that criminal charges were used as a deportation tactic in an immigrant raid. Most of the detained workers were sentenced to five months in prison for engaging in identity theft, in addition to being charged with committing a civil offense for living in the US illegally. According to the terms of their sentence, they are to be deported after serving their time. (Agriprocessors has not been charged, although there have been widespread and growing charges of worker abuse at the plant).

Among those attending the event were former Agriprocessor Maria Garcia (a native of Puebla, Mexico) and her son, Anthony.  Maria’s accessories are courtesy of Homeland Security.  When his mother is deported, what security is there (and what homeland) for Anthony?

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  1. Mr. Rushing permalink
    2 August 2008 12:52 pm

    This is nothing more than a bunch of Xenophobic Socialists who want a loss of economic freedom.

    How the hell Rush Limbaugh went from supporting NAFTA and free trade agreements to supporting the same BS that the Socialist Xenophobe’s idea of limmited legal immigration to curb economic freedom. Why he doesn’t talk about real solutions to illegal immigration (guest worker programs, increased quotas, and social program budget cuts) anymore scares me. Both socialists and so called “free market” Republicans are against freetrade when it comes to labor.

    Why are they so stupid? Even Ron Paul was this idiotic. He went on to grow the conspiracy that the North American Union idea was bad. The NAU would lift all 3 economies by forcing economic competition. We could all come together, Mexico could increase English language education to its poor and we would be a very very powerful union.

    The US could convince Canada and Mexico that gun ownership is essential to safety, Mexico could teach the US to cut farm subsidies. Mexico could also get the US to legalize perscription medicine and Canada would aid in the legalization of Canibis.

    Nothing but good would come out of the NAU, and illegal immigration could possibly go away. Citizens of all three nations could own private property in all three nations. This is such a good idea, that you have to attack it with conspiracies in order to defeat it.

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