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Blinded by science north of the border

3 August 2008

Don’t they teach anything about science in the United States?

From El Universal, translated by “World Meets US”

Enrique Sánchez Cruz, director of the National Farm Food Quality Service, said that the FDA investigators into Mexican Jalapeño peppers “lacked any scientific evidence.”

He made it clear that the tests were “inconsistent,” since the water samples were taken from a water tank in Tamaulipas: “The tank water could have gotten contaminated by roaming cattle or any number of things.”

He also assured people that the border, “has not been closed to Mexican exports of jalapeno peppers, which totals 12,000 tons annually.”

Director General, Nuevo Leon Agriculture & Livestock Development Corporation, Fermín Montes Cavazos, dismissed the idea that the outbreak could be traced back to his organization, since it last produced this type of pepper in April, whereas the contaminated pepper was picked in the beginning of June.

He also stressed that the contaminated pepper was collected from a plot of land that had already been replanted, although harvested fruit spends several days out of the ground during which it may easily become contaminated.

He added that the sampling was not objective: “The water sample and the serrano pepper were not from Nuevo Leon, but from another state.”

UPI manages to get the news exactly backwards:

Tijuana, located 20 miles south of San Diego, has an HIV infection rate that’s nearly triple the national average and it has been rising steadily for more than a decade.

About one in 125 adults in the city is infected with the virus that causes AIDS.

And as a border city, serving as a funnel for workers and goods in both countries, Tijuana’s AIDS crisis poses a direct threat to the United States, the Post said.

They seem to be referring to the unremarkable finding that Mexicans with AIDS are move likely to contract the disease in the United States than at home.

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  1. Mr. Rushing permalink
    3 August 2008 10:57 am

    It is all heresay, the media in the US often forgets the US’s own mistakes when it suits them. This is why the Mainstream Media hates the alternative media whether it is libertarian, conservative, true liberal (personal freedom advocates, not including the anti-fat, anti-smoking democrats) , or socialist and religious (authoritarian).

    California has had ecoli outbreaks before. One thing is for certain, the MSM thinks that people are stupid and use the irrational fear of food poisoning to gain support for more government control (see Lou Dobbs on China and Mexico for this).

    A bigger concern would be getting killed in a car accident. A familiar quote comes to mind by an authoritarian that proves this point…

    “A single death is a tragedy, a million is a statistic.”-Joseph Stalin

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