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Mexico’s REAL Oympics victory

18 August 2008

.. of a sort.  Surburban Guerilla quotes a McClatchy Washington Bureau story on the long-term economic effects of the Beijing Olympics:

Earlier this summer as the Olympic Games approached, the Chinese government sent businesses around this capital city an unmistakable message: China would do everything possible, including shutting down whole industries, to ensure the games’ success.

…With China dominating global production of many goods, U.S. consumers will likely see higher prices if not outright shortages for products such as … auto parts, semiconductors, Vitamin C, steel and domestic Chinese supplies of cement and aluminum.

Cool! Mexico’s auto parts, semiconductor, vitamin C (what do you think jalepeños are?) and steel industry might have to pick up the slack.  And, Cemex is one of the few Mexican companies with an Asian presence.

To get rich is glorious

Deng Xiaoping

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  1. Mr. Rushing permalink
    19 August 2008 1:35 am

    My fingers touched as I said “excellent”.

    In other news, Lou Dobbs head exploded with this news.

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