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Now what does Steve Sailer say?

19 August 2008

The latest “rationale” for segregation offered by the crazies over at Vdare is that “For whatever reasons, Mexican culture and human accomplishment don’t go together. For example, Hispanics today make up 23.4 percent of all Americans between 15 and 44, yet they only account for four percent of the U.S. Olympic team in Beijing.”

I don’t see what that proves, but among those “Hispanics” are the 21-year old son of illegal immigrants from Mexico, wrestler Henry Cejudo. His parents didn’t find the streets of America paved with gold, but Henry has managed to pick up a nice piece of it somewhere…

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  1. Mr. Rushing permalink
    19 August 2008 10:39 pm

    Lou Dobbs would tell you that a gold medal isn’t enough payment or service to all of those union workers who got their jobs stolen by illegal messicans and outsourcing in India. Lou Dobbs’ wife is a Mexican American, imagine all of the American women who must be feeling robbed by Lou Dobbs, they could have had that job. You don’t suppose Lou is one of those who considers themselves as fair due to the fact that he eats their food and bangs their women do you? Could it be hatred of his inlaws that makes him hate Mexico and Mexican Americans?


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