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Cuban heels…

4 September 2008

Could the great Merida head-chopping story get any more twisted?  After reports in the AP that the killers must have been engaging in some sort of kinky religious ritual (based on one cops’ speculation, but nothing substantial other than they can’t find the guys’ heads), I’m expecting the story to get stranger and stranger.

El Universal reported Thursday that two CUBANS were detained in connection with the eleven murders and mutilations, who were in possession of various arms (including fragmentation grenades), cash, a Hummer and a Suburban.. and — isn’t this intriguing… U.S. and Cuban passports, U.S. bank cards and checkbooks.

The Cuban government considers (with justification) the exile group connected with the last people-smuggling operation to go wrong to be “terrorists” and their seeming connection to organized crime in Mexico makes me think the Cubans are probably right in their estimation.

There hasn’t been a turf war between gangsters in Merida, so unless the Zetas were cleaning out their own ranks… or the silly story about human sacrifice makes any sense at all… exile Cuban death squads getting rid of their patsies makes more sense to me.

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