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Calling Carlos Slim…

6 September 2008

Al Jazzera’s Mexico correspondent, Franc Contraras posted this raw footage of Mexican TV talking head (a “politicologico”)  Denise Dresser talking about how she lowers he own telephone rates — and the implications for Mexico of the high phone rates — on his Mexico Monitor site.

I suppose, with a little spin, lower phone rates could be made an “anti-crime” measure… more phones, more ways to call the police.  Sensible, no?

Unless your cell phone is robbed.

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  1. 6 September 2008 11:53 am

    This woman is smart and educated and she just plain “hit the nail on the head” with here description of the Mexican phone problem. Carlos Slim is milking the Mexicans for all they’re worth, and holding back the country.

    By the way, I have a tracfone, which is a US pre-pay cell phone, which I pay about 10 c per minute for, and it works in Canada, US, and Mexico. While in Mexico, people from US can call me (local call) and it rings in Mexico. I can also make calls in Mexico to mexican phones (or to US phones) and it is all the same price per minute.

    With the tracfone, I can even get a Mexican phone number, so that people in Mexico can call me for cheap, though at htis time this feature only works when I am in th US.

    At some point Carlos Slim has to let go of the monopoly and let efficient business offer all their great plans and save the Mexicans money and let them communicate on par with the rest of the world, and everyone will be better off, except fot Carlos, but I think he will survive too…….

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