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Caribbean Huricane Relief

8 September 2008

This post was written by Erwin C. for The Latin Americanist. I’ll make it a “sticky post” for the next week or so.

The recent rash of tropical storms through the Caribbean has left a trail of death in Haiti. Haitian officials have estimated at least 500 people dead and roughly a quarter million homeless; a figure likely to increase with the upcoming Hurricane Ike.

The images speak for themselves as is shown in the following slideshow from the American Red Cross of flood-ravaged Gonaives, Haiti:

Relief efforts are underway in Haiti despite security difficulties and a weak infrastructure. Nevertheless, we strongly urge you to donate and help those who could sorely use the aid. Here’s a brief list of organizations that you can donate to:

If you know of any other charitable groups or relief efforts to help those in the Caribbean please mention them in the comments to this post.

Sources- AmeriCares, American Red Cross, Direct Relief International, Oxfam America, NPR, YouTube, AFP, Reuters, BBC News

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  1. Jim Burke permalink
    14 September 2008 6:27 pm

    Where can I order Gods, Gachupines and Gringos and Bosques’ War?

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