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11- September… nunca mas

11 September 2008

This date has a different significance in Latin America than in the United States. What is remembered is the violent 11 September 1973 coup that overthrew the elected Chilean government.  It was not the first terrorist attack on democracy and human rights in Latin America, nor would it be the last.  The collaborators with the foreign terrorists who raped, tortured, or “disappeared” (i.e., murdered without even the decency to inform survivors of their loved-one’s demise) are only slowly being brought to justice.

The terrorists who directed the operation will probably never face a court of law.  Some, like Richard Nixon are dead.  Others, like Henry Kissinger and George H.W. Bush, as well as later operatives who aided and abetted strikes against democracy, like Oliver North, Roger Noreiga, John Negroponte and Otto Reich are too well protected by their governments to bring them to justice.

The terrorists are still out there, and Latin America remains on edge.  Thirty-five years later, almost to the day of the Chilean attack, Bolivia foiled one such attack, expelling United States Ambassador Philip Goldberg who was openly aiding and abetting fascists plotting to attack that country’s hard-won democratic government.

From Inca Kola News:

Evo Morales has done the right thing today by kicking out the US ambassador to Bolivia, Philip Goldberg. In his speech today, Evo kicked out the US diplo by saying, “We do not want separatists or divisionists who conspire against unity, we do not want people who attack democracy (here)”. He also told his people to go tell Goldberg immediately that he is on the next plane out.

The root of all this (aside from the case of Fulbright scholars being recruited as spies by the US embassy in La Paz) is Goldberg’s recent secret meeting with Santa Cruz officialdom. Goldberg’s visit and 90 minute closed door conversation with Santa Cruz prefect and racist shit Ruben Costas (documented in this post) would never have come to light if local TV hadn’t caught Goldberg on candid camera.

(Updated at 19:40, 11- September)

And, with no reason given (other than the sometimes followed Vienna Convention allows it) , the United States has responded in a snit, the Bolivian Envoy to Washington, Gustavo Guzman, is being expelled.

Not completely unexpectedly (over a week ago, the Ambassador was warned he might be expelled), U.S. Ambassador to Venezuela, Patrick Duddy, was also declared “persona non grata” by that country’s President and given 72 hours to clear out.  Venezuela is not waiting for their Ambassador to Washington to be declared persona non grata, and has recalled their representative, with President Chavez vowing not to send another envoy until the Bush Administration ends next January.  AFP published a short notice.  “Coarse expletives” should have been in the singular perhaps — Chavez called the Ambassador a shitty yanqui (“Yanqui de mierda“), but he did say it several times:

CARACAS (AFP) — Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez on Thursday ordered the US ambassador to leave the country within 72 hours, in an act of solidarity with Bolivia which also expelled its US envoy.

“Starting at this moment the Yankee ambassador in Caracas has 72 hours to leave Venezuela,” Chavez said during a public event, referring to US ambassador Patrick Duddy.

He said it was “in solidarity” with Bolivia, which on Wednesday ordered the US ambassador to La Paz to leave. Washington in turn on Thursday expelled Bolivia’s ambassador to the United States.

Chavez then used coarse expletives to disparage the United States.

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