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All the reconquistqa that’s fit to print?

12 September 2008

… Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim Helú along with his family disclosed in a Securities and Exchange Commission filing that they now own 9,100,000 Class A shares or 6.4% of the New York Times Co.

The New York Times declined to comment.

This makes the Slim family one of the company’s largest Class A shareholders along with Harbinger Capital Partners. Harbinger owns a 20% stake in the company and two seats on the board…

(Jennifer Saba, 10-September-2008 Editor and Publisher)

Slim has invested in all types of communications companies throughout the Americas, so there is nothing unusual in this. But, in the alternative universe of the American right-wing, this takes on all kinds of sinister overtones. Which is hilarious, given that they can’t decide which they want to attack more… Mexicans or the “Liberal Media” (they cheer every time a newspaper closes shop, forgetting that newspapers may be an old media, but the “arrogant liberal press” is here to stay).

The crazies at “Free Republic” speculate on the “why” (all quotes guaranteed genuine):

  • Mexico is so poor, he needs to be certain that the New York Times will support unlimited amnesty.
  • To promote la raza and open borders.
    The family is mexican.
  • My first guess…. Money laundering.
    Most logical guess so far.
  • This may be why Mexcan trucs were allowed on our roads, they sent one full of $5 bills with white powder on them to the NYT building to pay for the shares.

Gee, you think the cranks would be happy a capitalist is investing in the United States. Me, I just wish they could get SOME of their facts right about Latin America.  At least once in a while.

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  1. 12 September 2008 12:50 pm

    They’ll try and use anything to come up with crazy theories.

  2. Mr. Rushing permalink
    18 September 2008 5:58 pm

    Screw Anti Capitalist protectionist Xenophobes.

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