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U.S. Congress is completely trucked up

13 September 2008

P.M. Corn, in Mexico Trucker, on the latest stupid move by the United States Congress to “stop the “mescans”… Keeping Mexican trucks off U.S. roads makes no sense:  it is not a safety issue, nor an environmental one, nor will it help consumers.  It does, as Corn notes, help Jimmy Hoffa.  I suppose it helps the congress-varmits get away with xenophobic rhetoric if they need it, though it is disappointing.  And to think I was starting to think the U.S. might actually grow up and act like a normal country.

Dismissing a White House veto threat, the House voted Tuesday to end a pilot program giving Mexican trucks access to U.S. highways.

Think you’ve seen the last of Mexican trucks and drivers on US highways? Think again.

Under FMCSA regulations, any Mexican carrier with a “presence” in the US, can operate with the same rights as a US carrier.

Take for example the first Mexican carrier to cross the border under this program, Transportes Olympic.

Owned by Fernando Paez of Apodaca NL, the sister companies are Olympic Transport and Fernado Paez Transport, based in McAllen Texas.

All of these trucks are dual plated, registered in both Texas and Nuevo Leon Mexico, all perfectly legal. Drivers for Transportes Olympic such as our friend Luis Gonzalez, can legally pick up a load in Monterey, and deliver it to it’s destination in the US. All perfectly legal. As Gonzalez stated in an interview last year, he has been doing it safely and without incident for the past 7 years.

Fernando Paez and Transportes Olympic is not the only participant to put themselves in this position. We’ll let the reader figure who the others are. It is not difficult to do.

Then the forgotten element in this mad race to ban 100 Mexican trucks from US roadways is the 800-1300 Mexican carriers who were grandfathered in back in 1982. “Grandfathering” means they were allowed to operate in the US before the 1982 Moratorium and the Moratorium did not effect them.

So for more than 30 years, these Mexican carriers have been operating in the US without incident and safely. Why has no one mentioned these?

As always, Corn point out that not only have Mexican trucks operated on U.S. highways for a number of years, Mexican truckers are subject to more — not less — stringent regulations than U.S. based carriers. And, if it’s the trucks themselves that are the problem, then why do most U.S. trucking companies use Mexican built rigs?

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  1. Mr. Rushing permalink
    18 September 2008 5:56 pm

    Yeah Capitalism!

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