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No shit!

17 September 2008

Geeze, after being the plot of a never made movie, endless blathering by the right wing , complete fabrications by United States Congressmen (one of my favorites, since I know the sherriff in question, and he still shakes his head over this story) and  scary stories by Homeland Security apparchiks … you’d expect the obvious would have gotten at least a minimum of attentin last week:


The Associated Press tries to spin the story into “well, not since 9-11, anyway…” but the only other English-language coverage I’ve been able to find, from WW4 Report details what “terrorists” have been detained in Mexico.  Mostly Basque separatists and a few Iraqui Christians who were seeking refuge from the U.S. created religious civil war at home.

Mexico has only been involved in one overseas war (the Second World War… and, yes… they were on the Allied side)  and is not at odds with any foreign government I can think of.  The only country they’ve had any disputes with recently have been Colombia (over claims that UNAM had a FARC cell) and a snit with Cuba when Vicente Fox dissed Fidel Castro at George W. Bush’s insistence before a inter-american conference a few years ago. And, relations are usually strained with the United States.

The only terrorists* around these parts have been right-wing Cubans.  But, they don’t count in the U.S., so what’s that fence for again?

*Obviously, I wrote this before the Moreia incident, but if terrorism is involved, it’s more domestic than foreign.

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  1. EYES OF TEXAS permalink
    17 September 2008 12:36 pm

    That fence is to slow down or prevent anyone from violating U.S. immigration laws by entering our nation illegally for any reason, whether it be for work or for terrorist acts. Simple isn’t it? Just because someone says there are no terrorists in Mexico doesn’t make it a fact, for now or for in the future. An unprotected border is an open invitation for any terrorist who choose to enter the U.S. undetected.

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