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The “Cantina Putsch” in Bolivia

18 September 2008

I’m not sure whose head was up whose ass at the Washington Post when they published an editorial calling for the elected government to “negotiate” with these yo-yos:

A stupid editorial in support of really stupid people. Uh… dudes… if you’re gonna pretend your uprising is democratic, your “campaign vehicle” is sending the wrong message.

The photo is from a Venezuelan newscast — and even with the Venezuelan spin, it’s hard to overlook who these Bolivian separatists are.  (The broadcast is a bit long to post here, but it was uploaded on the Canadian blog, “News of the Restless.)

The presenter’s unusual looks give him added credibility, though when you see a guy like this talking about Nazis, it is a bit creepy.

By the way, the putsch appears to have collapsed.  After a civilian massacre by separatist gangs led to the flight, and arrest of one departmental governor, the separatist movement has collapsed.  The government is still willing to negotiate legitimate grievances — annoying the United States Government to the point where it has basically broken relations with Bolivia . This is absurd. Ambassador Goldberg got himself mixed up with Nazis and Bolivia is the “axis of evil”. Geeze… When, or IF, relations are restored, perhaps we can find some better representatives — Americans who know how to “negotiate” with Nazis:

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  1. comfortjunkie permalink
    18 September 2008 12:13 pm

    Perhaps you can shed some light on this question for me. I’ve been living in Mexico for about 1.5 years and coming from the US, I’m always surprised to see swastikas around. In my art class, some of the children draw them. They are for sale on stickers in all of the major supermarkets in Puerto Vallarta. There’s swastika graffiti too. What’s the deal with the swastika in Mexico???


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