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Stratfor, Fox News: “We can’t help it, we’re morons… n’yuck, n’yuck, n’yuck”

27 September 2008

The Stratfor “Geopolitical Intelligence Report” needs a new name.  Peter Zeihan’s 15-September2008 “The Russian Resurgence and the New-Old Front” should make you question the timeliness of Stratfor’s intelligence… or maybe, just the intelligence of their writers:

During the Cold War, Russian intelligence gave Mexico more than its share of jolts in efforts to cause chronic problems for the United States. In fact, the Mexico City KGB station was, and remains today, the biggest in the world.

Uh.. Peter… have you ever heard of an encyclopedia? The K.G.B. hasn’t been around since 1991.

Peter is trying to make some case that the Ruskies were behind the student movement of 1968 (one I haven’t even heard from the most conservative of Mexican sources) and is seeking to take over the Mexican narcotics trade… apparently to sap us of our precious bodily fluids… or something like that. He also seems to be under the impression that there are two countries …. Northern Mexico and Southern Mexico — and the dirty commies are infliltrating both “failed states.”

Apparently, the recent visit of Russian warships in Venezuela — along with the victory of poltical parties that are smart enough to use financial regulations before they run into serious economic disasters — has not just Statfor (which is in the business of selling crises to their worried clients) thinking about Latin America.  Or rather, NOT thinking, as Mike Baker of Fox News (23-September-2008, “Relations With Latin America Go South“) rather painfully — and with hilariously bad writing — demonstrates:

…I should first point out that Mexico is a sovereign nation located just south of the United States. I mention this because, aside from the immigration issue, you’d be hard pressed to find many folks in the U.S. talking, worrying or otherwise pondering the state of Mexico. OK, let’s be more generous … you’d be hard pressed to find anyone spending much time thinking about Latin America in general.

Mike, why do you even bother writing if people don’t think about Latin America. My readership goes up every month, and so does that of the dozen or so Latin American sites I check every day or two. And, geeze, just checking basic facts is more than Stratfor does. And they want $39.95 a month.

I really don’t think it’s unreasonable to ask for that a year. More, if you’re a retired K.G.B. agent with a decent pension.

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