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Fouled balls…

11 October 2008

Another “drug smuggling” incident thwarted… sort of.  Former right fielder (Oakland “A”s and “Way too many to list”) and author Jose Canseco was detained by ICE agents for nine hours after the agents found he was carrying HCG.  That’s a hormonal treatment used to prevent miscarriages among certain high risk pregnancies, and for reversing the side effects of long term steroid use.  Specifically, as TMZ puts it:

a hormone commonly used to reverse the shrinking effects of jock juice.

HCG is perfectly legal in the United States, but requires a prescription. ICE has been attempting to stem the tide of LEGAL drugs from Mexico into the United States, with probably about as much success as it does the less than legal ones. Maybe they’re having more success with illegal alien penis pumps.

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