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The world turned upside down…

12 October 2008

Inca Kola News suggests the best way to understand the Latin American reaction to the U.S. economic meltdown comes from Inca and Mayan sources.  There’s a Quechua word for it: pachakuti, meaning

the time that, “What became right became wrong; the logical became illogical, and the unreasonable became reasonable.” The word pachakuti is also correctly translated as “the great return”.

As Otto adds, there’s also pop-culture belief that the Mayan calendar predicts the end of the world for precisely 23 December 2012. It’s simply the end of the long count, but after that… who knows?

Both of which he uses to explain the Latin view of the crisis:

… apart from the superficial combo of ridiculing you all up there and fearing for its own short-term future, that is. There is something deeper going on here, people. My only personal observation on this warm and sunny Sunday morning would be to say that for a poor person, becoming poorer doesn’t hurt half as much as for a rich person becoming poor. And this is one poor continent.

I tend to take a simplified Aztec viewpoint:  one of the three top gods — Huitzapotchtli (war and strife), Quetzacoatl (peace and justice) or Tezacatlipotchi (the unreality of reality) — is winning the eternal battle for dominance.  We’ve spent most of the last century slaughtering each other, so Lord Hummingbird has had his time. then this odd system that really didn’t stop warfare and injustice, but sought to normalize it through political and economic controls.  Smoking Mirror has had his day, and maybe the seeming shakeup is just Quetzacoatl’s just over the horizon.

My only personal observation… life will go on, but not things will change.

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