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Those Godless lefties…

21 October 2008

He [Jesus] accompanied me in difficult times, in crucial moments. So Jesus Christ is no doubt a historical figure—he was someone who rebelled, an anti-imperialist guy. He confronted the Roman Empire…. Because who might think that Jesus was a capitalist? No. Judas was the capitalist, for taking the coins! Christ was a revolutionary. He confronted the religious hierarchies. He confronted the economic power of the time. He preferred death in the defense of his humanistic ideals, who fostered change…. He is our Jesus Christ.

Hugo Chavez

Ecuadoran President Rafael Correa is a Catholic Socialist and has called for a “new Catholicism” in the 21st century which would challenge globalized capitalism. The President has said that his real education came from working as a lay Salesian missionary in the mid-1980s in the largely indigenous province of Cotopaxi. During his speeches, Correa invokes the words of Leonidas Proaño, probably Ecuador’s most famous liberation theologian.

Bolivia’s Evo Morales… tapped Rafael Puente Calvo, an ex-Jesuit and a staunch liberation theologian, to be his Deputy Minister of the Interior.

Nikolas Kozloff

Born in 1951, [Paraguayan President Fernando] Lugo became a priest in 1977, and served as a missionary in Ecuador for five years.

In 1992 he was appointed head of the Divine Word order in Paraguay, was ordained a bishop in 1994, and then served for 10 years as the bishop of the poor region of San Pedro.

There, his support for landless peasants earned him the reputation of being “the bishop for the poor”.
He came to national prominence in March 2006 when he helped lead a big opposition rally in the capital, Asuncion.

He resigned from the priesthood in December that year, as the Paraguayan constitution prohibits ministers of any faith from standing as a political candidate.

But the Vatican initially refused to accept his resignation, arguing that serving as a priest was a lifetime commitment and instead suspended him from his duties.

However, in July, Pope Benedict XVI granted Mr Lugo an unprecedented waiver to remove his clerical status.

BBC News

A messiah manifests his powers by performing miracles (Jesus) and in heroic achievements in the face of adversity (López Obrador). The pursuit of social justice—his most outstanding quality—arms him with moral force. The savior has two dimensions: he is both a national and political liberator and the spiritual and religious shepherd of his flock; he is at once a king and a redeemer, a political and spiritual hero. He enhances his credibility by thwarting his enemies’ efforts to expel him from the political scene.

(George Grayson, attacking Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador in “Mexican Messiah”)

[Guatemalan President Alvaro] Colom has a background in the textile business and does not belong to any of the 23 Mayan ethnic groups who make up more than 40% of the population.

But he has been ordained a Mayan priest, and drew much of his electoral support from the rural areas where poverty amongst indigenous groups is deep-rooted.

BBC News

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  1. Mr. Rushing permalink
    22 October 2008 11:06 am

    In the US, the Left is more likely atheist. Libertarians (pro economic and personal freedom) are also more likely to shun religious influence in politics, tend to agree with Rush Limbaugh on Economics and Bill Mahr on personal freedom. (See Matt Stone and Trey Parker of South Park. Penn & Teller, ABC News Reporter John Stossel, and Ayn Rand author of Atlas Shrugged.)

    As far as American Leftists (socialist thinkers) who believe in “god” try Al Sharpton, Jimmy Carter, Barack Obama, and Jesse Jackson)

    Leftists who don’t: Christopher Hitchens, Barack Obama Sr., and others

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