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The Trojan Burro

7 November 2008

Beware of cruise lines bearing gifts…

In South Philly on Sunday, Carnival Cruise Lines set the world record for building the world’s largest piñata. The company invited Philly residents to check out the piñata at Broad and Washington and be part of a commercial shoot. The original plan was to tear down the six-story beast with a wrecking ball, and spill more than 8,000 pounds of candy (mostly sugary stuff, no chocolate) onto the ground. Nearly 10,000 people showed up — only to walk away disappointed when the piñata was never demolished.

“There was some sort of technical difficulty with the commercial shoot,” says Jen Dobrzelecki, a spokesperson for Carnival Cruise Lines. “Since we got so many people — more than we anticipated — we decided to break it on another day.”

Andy Newman, Philadelphia City Paper Net

Photo: Andy Newman, Philadelphia City Paper Net

(Sombrero tip:  Laura Martinez)

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